The biggest example of this technique – the story of the priority registration in the domain zone .rf. According to the rules, trademark owners have priority registration of domain names that include their trademarks. For example, the owner of the brand “Tasty candy” received a priority right to the domain-konfeta.rf tasty. After the start of the process it became clear that a number of companies to the top of the priority registration registered a trademark with popular words like “beauty”, “credit”, “mortgage”, “real estate”, “cinema” (a few hundred). This gave them the right to priority registration of domain names potentially popular krasota.rf, kredit.rf etc.

Really high-profile cases to successfully reverse domain name hijacking to date yet, jurisprudence varied and finally flux. Therefore a foregone conclusion that the trademark always wins domain name in legal battles, is premature. But the trend is that in most cases, the trademark owner is more likely to win in court against the owner of the domain name, even if the brand is registered later than began work site.

What does this mean for those who are engaged in business on the Internet?

The main conclusion – your site can take, if you do not protect. If your business has become such a prominent and successful that competitors do not mind spending 30-70 thousand rubles for registration of a trademark to create a serious threat for you – so you have time to register its brand in itself. It can be simple wordmark or logo designed by a professional designer. The main thing that it was the name of the site (you can without .ru and .rf). If you have a logo, which is often used alone, without a name (for example, on the packaging or on the product), it makes practical sense to register it as a separate trademark. This will give you more opportunities for legal protection.

If you have already filed legal requirements, you should not give up and sad to see how your business is taken. Opportunities for active protection is always there. One of them – a counterclaim for termination of legal protection of trademark Raiders. For example, on the grounds that its registration – is an act of unfair competition.

Many problems can be saved at the initial stage. When selecting the name of the site is useful to check on the basis of his trademarks: if someone has a similar to your brand, this “someone” you can create serious problems in the future. In this case it is better to choose a different domain.

Such a simple action, such as trademark registration effectively protect the company from the machinations of competitors and scams. This measure will help you bring your business to a higher level – the level where you will wait for the larger predators, protection which need to learn more advanced techniques.

Every day more and more companies from different spheres learn Internet. However, this process brings not only new business customers and more revenue, but also litigation. First of all, the debate about the domain name (website).

More recently, the most high-profile cases in this area have been proceedings against cybersquatters – intruders who specifically register domain names similar to famous brands to sell their rightful owners. In runet of them suffered Kodas, Coca-Cola, Nike, Mosfilm, Rosbank and many others.

Today cybersquatting heyday is over. The rate of return to the “successful operation” for them fell, the market remained only the old players who have great experience and possess effective methods. At the same time, brand owners have become more prudent. However, a new trend: the scammers are registered trademarks to take untwisted domain names in the business. This activity became known as reverse domain name hijacking.

For example, not the largest (but already successful) online store sells electronics and household appliances. Flow of customers is provided by successfully chosen site name and its effective advertising. In its segment store ahead of the competition: the prices are lower, the range is wider, faster delivery, so it grows. Attackers have registered in his name trademark, including the website address of the store, and asked business owners to buy it for a reasonable, in their opinion, the sum. Illegal use of a trademark may result in legal sanctions, inspections of law enforcement agencies, site blocking, and thereby cause substantial losses. In the face of such a threat online store owners agreed to the proposal. How this was possible and even legal?

Before the Civil Code prohibits the registration of a trademark if there were already the same or similar domain name. But in 2010 this rule was abolished, and for those wishing to capture foreign domains using the trademark green light.

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Here the topic is more real than domains with particles. If you bet on such earnings, you have to “live” in this auction.